Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Creativity Book: Exercise 4 - Make Minimum Space

The last exercise for Week 2 in Eric Maisel's The Creativity Book is to revise and rearrange my creative space. I am very lucky to have a quite large room to dedicate to my studio. Following please find pictures of the progress I've made towards rearranging my creative space.

Dr. Maisel sets out very specific requirements for a creative space that would probably annoy me if it weren't for the fact that they're already in line with what I have and want. First, he requires a computer desk, computer, and internet access.

Check, check, check.

Second, he requires a thinking spot separate from the computer space, preferably with a comfy chair beside a table for a lamp, mug, notepad, pen, and current reads.

I am go for comfy chair, but, as you can see, I need to do a little rearranging.

Third, he requires a special bookcase. I liked the way he described how to organize your books: inspiration, subject matter reference, shrine, and professional reference.
So far I've got the subject matter reference and some inspiration. I suspect that as I unpack I'll find some things that should go in the shrine. Not sure what sort of professional reference materials a nascent quilter should have.

Fourth, he requires whatever other space your endeavor requires. Quilting, my primary artistic medium of the moment requires a cutting table, a sewing table, fabric storage, notions storage, and a design wall. I have most of these things already and just needed to unpack them and arrange them properly. I'll keep you posted as that happens.

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