Monday, September 8, 2008

The Creativity Book: Exercise 2 - Craft One Ceremony Follow Up

Not only have I not come up with a ceremony of my own, I haven't continued practicing the ceremony from the book as I planned.

The tea ceremony, as described in the previous post, kind of depends on having a set schedule and plugging this ceremony into that schedule. I work from home in a very unstructured job arrangement, though I used to work in a very scheduled environment where you were expected to arrive on time and leave on time and attend various appointments throughout the day while completing you work in between. Especially since we moved to California I'm having a very difficult time getting into a schedule. I think this is contributing to my lack of creative production.

Robert Genn in one of his great Twice Weekly Letters about the practice of art describes the difference between being creative according to the clock, a workmanlike habit, and tapping into the natural ebbs and flows of creativity.

I feel like due to my lack of a worker's time clock I am failing to take part in even the smallest of these creative exercises. I have all the time in the world, so I have no time for anything.

New week's resolution: get on a schedule and include the creativity ceremony in that schedule.

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