Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steps in a Creative Direction

Yesterday I took five steps in a creative direction. Most importantly, I attended my first quilt guild meeting in California.

First, I wrote up a schedule for Monday on Sunday night before going to bed. OK, I know, at first glance this doesn't seem very creative, but in the context of my weird time management issues, it's a big step.

Second, I actually stuck to said schedule despite sleeping in well past my scheduled start time. This sounds like not such a big deal, but I have on more than one occasion chucked the whole day's plans because I didn't wake up "on time." This is the luxury and the downfall of self-employment.

Third, I rededicated myself to the tea ceremony from Exercise 2, taking part in it Sunday night, Monday morning, and Monday night.

Fourth, I did the first 20 minute chunk of Exercise 3.

Fifth, I attended my first meeting of the Flying Geese Quilters Guild. They are even more impressive in person than they are online. Organized like clockwork. Tables with signs telling you what they're for. People were very friendly, especially when they saw I had a new member name tag. And they gave me an awesome bag just for joining.

But not only do they impress operationally, they are a talented guild. The top eight quilts from their most recent guild challenge won the AQS, Quilt Expo: Ultimate Guild Challenge Quilts competition. And another member placed in the AQS Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial competition. To see pictures of all the winners click here.

The program was a trunk show by Shirley Fletcher, a local applique specialist whose very first quilt, an intense Baltimore Album, won at Paduch and Houston and more. It was neat to see all of her work and she described her creative process very well compared to some other trunk shows I've seen. Apparently she teaches a number of the quilts she showed us at a few different shops around the area, so I'm going to keep my eye out for her.

I'm really glad I didn't blow tonight's meeting off or I wouldn't have made it into next month's workshop with Joe the Quilter (all about "unlocking the creative process") or January's workshop with Katie Pasquini Masopust. They had already filled up a Sunday workshop with KPM and I got the fourth to last spot on the sign up sheet for the Monday workshop. Wow!

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