Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flying Geese Quilt Show

My quilt guild, The Flying Geese Quilters Guild, had their biannual Quilt Show this past weekend. It was out of sight! This guild is made up of some serious talent. There were no duds in this show, nosireebob.

While all the quilts that earned ribbons were awesome, I am particularly proud of the third place ribbon winner in the pieced bed sized quilt category: Bridget Paley.

This quilt was designed by Judy Niemeyer, with whom Bridget took a paper piecing class earlier this year. What impresses me the most is that she started and finished this king-sized quilt in under a year! That's perseverance for you. Bridget wasn't originally thinking of entering this quilt in the show, but we saw a quilt made from the same pattern at the Glendale Quilt Show, which had earned a ribbon for piecing. So she figured, what the heck? And what the heck lead to a ribbon!

I am also particularly proud of Vicki Hamilton Eldredge, who won a blue ribbon in the mixed technique small wall quilt category. A little birdie told us that during judging her quilt was a close competitor for best of show! Vicki made this to honor the marriage of her two friends. Originally, she planned to make it by machine, but life got in the way in the form of various ailments that kept her away from her machine and on the couch. Instead of giving up, she made the quilt entirely by hand. Again, that shows some serious perseverance. Like Bridget, Vicki originally had no intention of entering this quilt in the show. However, the recipient of the quilt insisted that she enter it. And that insistence lead to a blue ribbon!

The moral of the story: persevere and enter your quilts in shows!

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laughingmuse said...

WOW. Both are stunning pieces of artwork. You are surrounded by some serious talent and determination! Which sounds like you fit in quite well, actually.

Wow. The phoenix and dragon are both exquisite.