Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Underground Railroad Quilt Top

About a year ago I took a workshop with Kathleen Tracy through the Bloomington Quilters Guild of Bloomington, Indiana. The class was basically making the Underground Railroad doll quilt from Ms. Tracy's book American Doll Quilts: 16 Little Projects That Honor A Tradition. The quilts in the book are divided into the same eras as the American Girl Dolls and are sized to fit said dolls.

The class was kitted so I exerted pretty much zero creativity in the design of this quilt, which may explain why it's taken me so long to finish. Luckily my mother has a friend whose daughter is into American Girl dolls, so this quilt has an owner all lined up . . . which may explain why it didn't take even longer for me to finish.

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1 comment:

Thalia said...

It is very cute, but compared with the Darjeeling entry below.... well, I'm still going with the ombre medallion.