Monday, January 5, 2009

Comfy Chair is Go

After much procrastination, I finally unpacked the last of the moving boxes in my nascent quilting studio such that I could comply with Dr. Maisel's very specific requirement for a creative space #2: a thinking spot separate from the computer space, preferably with a comfy chair beside a table for a lamp, mug, notepad, pen, and current reads. Not captured here is the corner of my cutting table which is about a foot in front of this chair and perfectly suitable for resting a mug, notepad, pen, and/or current reads.

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1 comment:

Thalia said...

I love it. And I love this blog. And I smooch you with smooches.

I am also a bit tired, but still - smooches.

p.s. dress for the big day is also a go. Not a blog post gank. Just relieved. Chair is probably more comfy, however.