Monday, February 2, 2009

Zig Zag Mendocino

Via Whip Up I found a quilt is nice posted a tutorial for a zig zag quilt for which she sells a kit in her etsy store. The tutorial does a great job illustrating how to quickly piece two half square triangles. More importantly, it has made me fall in love with the Mendocino line of fabrics by Heather Ross for FreeSpirit. How did that line slip past me last spring?

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Thalia said...

Now I want lots of baby seahorses. In fabric form. Or knit.

She has amazing knitting patterns. I want to make a cuttlefish, but am worried I will fork it up.

Sarah said...

I ADORE those knit seahorses your comment links to! Love them! And the cuttlefish are amazing as well.

Is knitting an animal like that harder than knitting a sweater?

And if you fork it up, isn't it really small, so it's not like you waste a ton of yarn? And if you fork, you can frog right?

Can you tell I am laying the groundwork to hit you up for one of each of her animals?


Thalia said...

I think "nudibranch!" is going to be my new battle-cry at work. Seriously.

From the little I've done it, knitting an animal can be a lot harder than a sweater, since it's getting "more" three-dimensional, you pick up stitches at weird angles, etc. But I am so enamoured of her designs that I want to try it anyways. It will likely be like most of my knitting projects (which are learning episodes), me sitting tensely and cussing to myself, while E laughs and says, "Isn't this supposed to be for relaxation?"